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Sep 2023 - Finally switched over to Windows 11, which briefly caused alignment problems due to changes in character encoding. All fixed now.

This website has evolved over time with help from several people. Roll the credits...

James Parsly, USA.................Original page layout. 1996. I make the puzzles.
Mike McGee, USA.................Interactive puzzle solving. 2000
John Vanzo, South Australia...Word substitution, letter frequencies, used letter board. 2002
John Vanzo, South Australia...Plaintext used letter board. 2003

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When you gotta have one, you gotta have one. Here are some of the sites where you can get cryptograms to solve.

Security Baron-Cryptography and coding information

Cryptogram Czar-Themed collections and multiple difficulty levels

Laughing Hyena Cryptograms-Laugh like a Hyena As You Win Every Game

Computer Code Cracking and Cryptography-Breaking the Enigma machine code

Free Printable Cryptogram Puzzles!-Cryptograms, Cryptoquips, Cryptoquotes

The best site for Free Daily Online Cryptograms/Cryptogram Puzzles-All modern browsers supported

The best site for Funny Cryptograms/Cryptogram Puzzles-All modern browsers supported

KJV bible cryptograms/Cryptogram Puzzles-All modern browsers supported

American Cryptogram Association-Cryptograms: The aristocrat of puzzles.

Cryptograms.org-Interactive solver.

Cryptograma-Interactive solver...and bilingual.

Teppo's Cryptogram-Nice interactive solver, requires Flash 6.

Between Waters.-Daily cryptograms.

Cryptograms from Quiller Puzzle Pages-Several Varieties.

Literary Cryptograms-Quotations from literary works.

The Enigma Device-2 daily cryptograms in a JAVA app. It uses a letter switching method that I haven't seen before.

Cryptograph-Combines a cryptogram with a picture.

Cryptograms & Cryptoquips-10 Puzzles. Solve more than 7 and you are a true "cryptoquipographer".

Cryptoquotes-10 Puzzles.

Cryptograms of Bart Simpson's Blackboard Writings-20 Puzzles. Hint: "I will not..."

Cryptograms-This site has an honor roll!

The Contest Center-A couple of moderately difficult cryptograms.

Take some time and e-mail the owners of these pages to tell them that you appreciate the cryptograms. Everybody loves to get e-mail!

e-mail: jparsly at charter dot net